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Sakura Sunrise Livery – Set
Sakura Sunrise Livery – Set
($135 USD)
Digital print & die-cut livery. Print & Cut on 3M High-Performance Wrap Vinyl. Laminated with 3M High-Performance, UV-Resistance, gloss coating & Avery High-Performance Automotive rated vinyl.
Livery kit includes:
  • 2 X Rising Sun with Classic Logo, (Avery vinyl)
  • 6 X Sakura Branches, (3M Wrap vinyl)
  • 2 X “Make Moves” Quote, (Avery vinyl)
  • 2 X Kanji Logo, (Avery vinyl)
  • 2 X Triangle Set, (Avery vinyl)
Colors: Red, Greyscale with Red.
All pieces come pre-masked. Branches & Sun come with extra “bleed” for a clean finish at seams/edges.
Size: *Will fit all 2 door and 4 door vehicles*
*Comes as a set*
Pricing in CAD Dollars.
*All sales are final*